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Fondant Online

Fondant cake ideas, tips, tricks and supplies.

Why Fondant?

Why use fondant to "enrobe" your cake.   As you can see by these examples, you can get a more lifelike, precise look for your cake.  If you want a 3D cake, fondant covering is a must.  It is a bit of a mistake to think that it is either buttercream or fondant.  A...

Iguana Cake

This is an iguana cake.  It was great to look at and of course, it was red velvet cake to add to the drama when the cake was cut.

Tricks to Improve Fondant Taste

Fondant is popular because of the great looking cakes it adorns and not usually for the taste. Fondant does not all taste the same.  You wouldn't say that all wine tastes the same, fondant has a variety of offerings.  As you would imagine, some of the higher priced...

Tips for making a 3d Dinosaur Cake

Make a Scale Model Out of Fondant Sculpt a scale model version of your cake with a piece of fondant. This will help you shape your vision before you start the making the full sized cake. You can also use the models silhouette projected and traced on foam core as a...

Pug Cake

This is a pug cake made from fondant.

Where to Buy Fondant

Buying Fondant Online The best place for you to buy fondant depends on whats the level of quality your fondant icing cake needs to be. If your making a cake for a wedding then you will want to buy a higher quality than you would for a themed fondant birthday cake....

Wine and Cheese Fondant Cake

These realistic looking cakes are carved and covered in fondant.  The filling for the crate is shredded gumpaste.  Gumpaste is a fondant like covering that contains gum to make a paste that dries harder and quicker.  Running the gumpaste through a pasta maker, on the...